Mobile App Design




eLearning Development

There are many components to an eLearning course - not just instructional design! An eLearning development project should equally emphasize graphic design, user interface design, and visual communications! 

I work closely with subject matter experts to develop eLearning courses and visually enhance them. 

I break down eLearning development phase into the following components

 1. Kickoff meeting




 2. Project plan and timeline

 3. Storyboard draft

 4. Feedback point

 5. Course development

 6. Review, quality assurance, UAT

 7. Course delivery

Instructional Design

I work with clients to identify learning objectives and provide data-based instructional alignment using the ADDIE framework. 

ADDIE is an acronym for the five stages of the instructional design process: Analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate. This model gives myself and the client a streamlined, focused approach that provides multiple feedback points for continuous improvement.