Why Instructure Canvas is my Favorite Academic LMS

Earlier this year, I highlighted my favorite Learning Management Systems (LMS) and explained why they’re the best for small businesses. Since then, I’ve been busy working for Strawberry Solutions, one of the leading eLearning agencies in Australia, and focusing primarily on academic LMSs.

Having worked within a range of academic LMSs, most notably Canvas and Moodle, I find Instructure Canvas to be the most effective and accessible option – by far.

Instructure Canvas LMS is simple and genuinely easy to use. It’s a great place for any educational organization to start building online coursework, a task that has become increasingly urgent in today’s changing learning context.

In addition to its intuitive design, Instructure Canvas provides accessible support to meet any issues that arise, whether they involve the HTML editor or broken links. The LMS’s community forums mean that there’s no need to contact Canvas to resolve challenges. You can find help for any development challenge, and find it quickly.

What makes Canvas my favorite LMS

My favorite thing about Canvas is the accessibility of a broad range of tools and services, both internal and external, which integrate smoothly with the LMS. Here are a few of my favorite resources that effortlessly amplify learning content on Instructure Canvas.

1) H5P

H5P is a simplified version of HTML that allows users to create knowledge checks and self-grading activities. H5P makes it easy to embed quality assessments into Canvas without needing to learn how to code.

2) Canvas Studios

Canvas Studios is an internal tool that allows users to either upload videos or embed YouTube videos into the assessment section of any online course. With each video, users can select points where the video pauses and students are presented with specifically-timed questions. There are a range of options for question types, and along with the multimedia component, this tool offers an engaging alternative to traditional online assessments.

3) Loree

Probably my favorite tool that integrates with the Instructure Canvas LMS, Loree is an Australian-developed design software that visually enhances learning content. Similar to WIX, Loree allows users to create custom blocks, save them, and drag them onto various learning pages. This tool makes it easy to add design elements, such as headings, footers, and beautifully formatted text blocks. While there are unlimited options to customize the look and feel of learning content, Loree is easy to pick up and suitable for junior instructional designers who want to give their content a visual edge.


I could keep going with more tools and services that make Instructure Canvas a great LMS, but I’ll leave it at the highlights. I encourage you to explore the Instructure Canvas website to get a better idea of what the platform can do for you as you develop online courses and eLearning projects.

About Strawberry Solutions

Strawberry Solutions, based in Australia, is a leader in eLearning development. Partnered with all of the most prominent LMS companies and other ed-tech leaders, including D2L and Instructure Canvas, Strawberry Solutions handles everything from LMS overviews and reviews of clients’ existing LMSs to building courses from scratch, with a strength in innovative design and development. With clients in the public sector, the private sector, and the education sector, Strawberry Solutions supports LMS implementation based on the unique needs and strengths of each eLearning initiative.

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