it's time to embrace microlearning

Although microlearning has not yet been fully adopted by training & development departments across the United States and Canada, every training professional should consider it a vital option to supplement existing training methods.

Microlearning focuses on small learning units. It involves short-term-focused strategies to deliver training, and structure allows learners to digest 'learning nuggets' with relatively short effort. And it works! According to eLearning Industry, the benefits of microlearning are already proving to be a lifesaver for some trainers.

Learners can complete coursework and engage with learning materials from anywhere, at anytime - and with today's reliance on smartphones and similar devices, learners can access 'bite-size chunks of content, including skills-based activities.

This flexibility of learning and development is important for learners, but also for training departments. Less global footprint, less need for in-person trainers, and no need for office space.... are just a few benefits for businesses to consider.

For information about specific micorlearng providers, platforms, and tools, below is a list of some of my favorites.



mLevel is a microlearning and gamification software that makes it easy to build and share game-based learning activities. You can create games, flash cards, and simulations with little-to-no coding experience.



As its name suggests, TalentCards focuses on flashcards to deliver fast and engaging content. This microlearning platform also provides gamification features, easy user management, and endless integrations.


Skill Pill

Skill Pill specializes in behavioral soft skills. The platform includes a learning library of over 1000 learning resources, and its in-built adaptive algorithm, the system reacts to learners' behavior.



Ottolearn markets itself as an agile microlearning platform. It promotes adaptive training, meaning you can assign your learners Mastery Goals for specific knowledge areas. Everyday learners are prompted to take part in a daily 2-minute set of activities designed to identify and fill knowledge gaps.


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I'm James, a learning & development professional with over 5 years of international experience, working with governments, non-government organizations (NGO), and private sector clients. I strongly value and advocate for educational technology and innovative learning design. Connect with me here.

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