designing a quiz with layers - Articulate Storyline

for the Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge #294 #ELHChallenge

This week's challenge is about combining multiple interaction types in a single tabs example, while highlighting your pets. I decided to not highlight my pets because I don't have any :(

Instead I designed a quiz that helps people find a suitable dog breed. Keep in mind I am not a subject matter expert (SME) on animals!

This demo is to feature some eLearning development tools – using Articulate Storyline 360. For this particular quiz, you can see I added over 100 layers in the development phase.

To view the demo, click here.


About Me:

I am James, a learning & development professional with over 5 years of international experience, working with governments, non-government organizations (NGO), and private sector clients. I strongly value and advocate for educational technology and innovative learning design. Connect with me here.

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