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Clients and HR partners constantly ask me about Learning Management Systems (LMSs) - which one to choose, best bang for the buck, who to hire for migration and administration duties, etc. While I love discussing this topic - I am a total eLearning nerd! - I must admit that it's difficult to find the perfect LMS.

In today's training and development space, there are just too many LMSs to choose from. Also, it feels like there's a new one released every week!


Luckily I have experience with a bunch of these learning platforms, either for professional work or for fun. Below I list my favorite 3 LMS platforms for small to medium-sized businesses. Keep in mind these are corporate LMSs, not academic.


  1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS presents a combination of easy-to-use tools, a highly customized interface for seasoned professionals, and affordable pricing. They even often free subscriptions, however with very limited features. Their paid subscriptions are offered for the following prices: Small for $39.00, Basic for $129.00, Plus for $259.00, and Premium for $459.00 monthly.

When I first worked with TalentLMS's platform, I was amazed with its ease-of-use. I quickly discovered their tools to easily create and monitor courses. They even provided tools to help market and sell online courses!

2. Tovuti

For those passionate about learning science and instructional design, I strongly suggest trying Tovuti. With too many features to list, I must highlight their innovative features that align with modern learning science - microlearning, mobile learning, and gamification. Within gamification, Tovuti includes certifications, badges, and competitive leaderboards. Incredible stuff!

Tovuti also provides a course library with access to ready-made courses - perfect for those who have no time to develop courses from scratch. For pricing, please click here.

3. SAP Litmos

I have to go with one of the biggest and most-reviewed. SAP Litmos, arguably the most popular cloud-based LMS, has served over 11,000,000 users. And the subscriptions are cheap! For between $3.00-$9.00/month, you can start building courses for your employees.

SAP Litmos provides an impressive range of tools, and like Tovuti, gamification features.

For international business or companies that operate outside the United States and Canada, SAP Litmos is a great fit. The cloud-based software supports 100 currencies and 24 languages - not to mention great customer service in a variety of languages!


If you are interested in exploring or discussing other LMSs, please contact me. I am always open to new educational technology, both to play with and implement in projects.

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I'm James, a learning & development professional with over 5 years of international experience, working with governments, non-government organizations (NGO), and private sector clients. I strongly value and advocate for educational technology and innovative learning design. Connect with me here.

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