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It's been a crazy busy month with a ton of course builds, new clients, and plenty of opportunities to grow my own skills.

My biggest highlight however, was brought up by one of my clients and it related to animation! To be honest, I did not have much experience with animation before she introduced me to Vyond.

Vyond is an animation tool that is so simple yet effective - that anyone can create high quality animation videos. Compared to other related platforms, Vyond's learning curve is almost flat, and it includes incredible tutorials for you to begin work immediately. I find the platform to be a good alternative to outsourcing animation development on a freelancer marketplace, such as Fiverr.

Vyond lets you easily create characters, customize their behaviors and movements, and add audio that characters automatically speak. In addition, Vyond's asset library is massive! There are thousands of graphics to add and scenes to build.

Why is it important for eLearning? Animation serves as a visual as well as sonic medium for learners to understand emotions. This ability entices learners to actually understand content better based on character emotions, and connect them to the learning objectives. For clients who are monetizing their courses - animation creates a better experience and that experience leads to positive course reviews!

I strongly advocate for multimedia in every form, or at least as it relates to online courses, and animation is just one of those forms. With Vyond, it becomes very easy to build and insert animations into any course build.

I would suggest to check Vyond out. And if you do, send me a message and let me know what you think about it!


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I'm James, a learning & development professional with over 5 years of international experience, working with governments, non-government organizations (NGO), and private sector clients. I strongly value and advocate for educational technology and innovative learning design. Connect with me here.

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